Yikes… It’s my turn to plan my own son’s party!

Ben's 9th Birthday Party


Have a party to plan?  I do!

Weird after all theses years of being an owner of Joe Cornell (like 24, yikes).  I am in your shoes.

Don’t think I haven’t thought about it.  Where would it be?  Who would I use for what?  How many people would I have?  Giving suggestions to others is so much easier than actually determining your own wants and needs.  In all the times I considered the planning process did I really take into consideration what would be best for my kid?

Which is why I am writing this blog…getting it off my chest.

Slowly I can see my 11 year old becoming more interested in singing along to the tunes on my car’s XM radio!

The last few parties we have been invited to he has complained less about going!

He is signed up for “Joe Cornell” in the fall… (FOR SURE that will get his mind in gear for what is coming!)

We will have the meeting at Temple introducing us to our Mitzvah Tutor.   By then he will be game for a 200 person dance party, right?

I’ll keep you posted!


Becca Schlussel