The Joe Cornell Party Team!

There are two kinds of businesses in the world: the ones who are in it to make a buck (to make many bucks) and those who, yes, want to earn their income and live comfortably BUT care about what they do and the people who frequent their business.

We’re the second kind and always have been. Integrity behind a brand, that’s what makes Joe Cornell what it is.  In Southeast Michigan, the name Joe Cornell conjures fond memories of childhood fun, of smiling DJs and fun emcees who made a party exactly what our clients hoped for.  We help families fulfill dreams at the most meaningful times in their lives.

Yes, we work tirelessly and sometimes, more hours than we’d like.  But we do it because we have been driven since we were teenagers working for Joe (the Man) to help people celebrate their happiest times, in the most fun, sincere way possible.

A friend told me recently about a disturbing transaction she had in a local business. The “salesman” was pushing products and urging her to buy, buy, buy when what she wanted was a few minutes of attention and the knowledge that this other person was actually listening to her.

Today, consumers have everything they need.  Shopping trips are often for the “extras” – things they want but don’t require, something to placate the quiet moments.  Plus, there are so many abundant options – we can shop online, we can find the cheapest of anything pretty much, we can enter any number of superstores and find all the products and services that propel our lives forward.

Few people really need anything.  So when they choose to patronize a business, they are doing so from a deep, emotional place, a place that says, your service or product adds value to my life so I will put my pocketbook behind it.  They’re saying thank you for giving more meaning to the moments of my life.  Thank you for being there.

Businesses shouldn’t take this lightly.  When a customer comes knocking at the door, the job isn’t to upsell; it’s to listen, to connect, to look into the customer’s eyes and know that you are making a valuable connection.  It’s imperative to have gratitude for the fact that anyone comes knocking at all and treat each and every sale as if it is the ONLY one.

At Joe Cornell, we spend countless hours with customers just because that’s the way we are.  We know the kind of business people we are – we’ve worked hard to get here and stay here.  It’s a little reminder, always, that businesses are run by people and frequented by people and it’s the person-to-person connection that keeps our economy going – not profits and sales. People.