It starts now…

This is our first blog.  Our “new beginning”… again.

It seems many of us have uttered these words.  For us, our first “new beginning” came back in 1991 when Joe Cornell (the person) approached my sister and me about buying Joe Cornell (the company).  Pretty exciting stuff for these two then college students who had worked for Joe since 1985.

By 1993 it was time for another “new beginning”.   Our first website.

When John and Jeff Dwoskin walked into our Farmington Hills, MI office on Orchard Lake Road they set us on the road to the “electronic future”.  Our first site was pretty impressive for the time.  (Thanks guys!)

Since that time our journey down the super highway has included several overhauls and redesigns of our website, a dabble in My Space, a touch of Facebook, quite a bit of email outreach (currently utilizing Constant Contact), and now, this blog.

But this “new beginning” feels different.

Sure, Joe Cornell Entertainment, is a business, but its a family business with deep roots in our community.  Joe Cornell (the man) started his company (in 1957) with the support of so many local families that are still in the area, today.

Previous attempts to reach out to our community have mostly been one sided:  we provide the information and “hope” the community reads it and responds well.  Through this blog we hope to reengage our neighbors and friends, and get the conversation flowing.

Do you have a favorite memory of Joe Cornell (alive and well at 80 years old this year) that you would like to share?  If you’ve never met the man, of course, you can share your memories of Joe Cornell (the company).

Here’s to “new beginnings”.


Steve Jasgur

President, Joe Cornell Entertainment


  1. Steve Rotenberg says:

    Steve and Becca:

    Since you both (and Ronnie too) grew up two doors away from me in Southfield… a long long time ago; we (Marci and I) are long time friends and fans of yours.


    From the Lysterine Commercials to your face on the Comerica Bank Flyers, to teaching the thousands of kids how to dance; we can’t wait until you teach our son Max how to shake his tush starting on Thursdays this fall.

    And Becca…

    Besides you growing up as that cute little blond kid running wild around the neighborhood, and going to Eastern with Marci; we are proud of what you have accomplished. Keep on doing what you do… The community adores your commitment to teach our kids how to dance!

    We are excited that Joe Cornell is a HUGE part of “our Community”, and we are looking forward to seeing what you can offer our son in the way of learning how to dance.

    Thanks for all that you both do…

    Steve and Marci Rotenberg

    • joecornell says:

      Thanks Steve,

      What a great memory you have! The good old “Woodvilla” days…seems like yesterday.

      We can’t wait to get Max in the groove! He may also want to participate in our new “Joe’s Crew” program this year. Its our way of providing an outlet for our students who have natural leadership tendencies an opportunity to develop those skills and create a platform from which they can give back to the community. Our website has more information about the group (

      Thanks again for your support!


      Steve Jasgur

      P.S. You can let Max know that I (personally) am going to be his teacher this year!

  2. Sharon Gould Eaton says:

    Yes, I took Joe Cornell and taught at Joe Cornell Dance Studio. I have known Joe since I was nine years old when I watched with envy as my sister, Rhoda took dance lessons on Wyoming. Then it was my turn, and an experience that would have an impact on me for the rest of my life. I took lessons on Wyoming, was in the exhibition class, and later began assisting at the Greenfield location. I then began having my own classes until my last year of teaching at the Potomac Club. What an adventure. Fun, friends, experiences that I will never forget. I have never stopped dancing because it is an intregal part of my being. Than you, Joe, from the bottom of my heart. It’s been a long journey. Continue to carry on, Steve and Becca…..Continued success. xoxo

  3. memoirgirl says:

    I love that Joe Cornell was a rite of passage for a preteen in the Michigan suburbs. I have fond memories, I have scary memories – at 40, I’m just glad I have any memories!

    Good luck with your blog.

  4. Carol Rose says:

    I remember watching my sister Marci dancing at Joe’s studio on Wyoming and wanting to dance just like her. I believe I was 9 or 10 when I was able to start dancing. My cousin Mark Rosen was my partner and we used to do dance exhibitions and competed for Joe. We one first place in the Dance Masters of America competition for our age group in Philadelphia. I spent many years of my life at Joe’s studio and also at his home. He was a major part of our family. I can’t tell you what it meant to me to have him at my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah 16 years ago. I was also very lucky to spend an evening with Joe in LA about 3 years ago. My sister Marci surprised me and flew me to LA and we went to the Jay Leno show with Joe, and my cousin Mark Rosen. I have a picture of all of us with Jay. I will always remember my dancing years with Joe Cornell with great fondness.

    • joecornell says:

      Do you have a picture with your group and Jay Leno? We’d love to see it posted!

    • Marc Rosen says:

      I can’t believe I stumbled on to you here! I was talking with a friend about dancing and he didn’t believe me. He searched for me and found this! Call me some time!

  5. Kevin Kertes says:

    30 years ago I took dance classes at Joe Cornell. For my Bar Mitzvah of course. It was an experience I will never forget. It’s good to know that Joe Cornell is still alive and kicking 30 years later. All the best, and continued success in changing children’s lives for the better.