It starts now…

This is our first blog.  Our “new beginning”… again.

It seems many of us have uttered these words.  For us, our first “new beginning” came back in 1991 when Joe Cornell (the person) approached my sister and me about buying Joe Cornell (the company).  Pretty exciting stuff for these two then college students who had worked for Joe since 1985.

By 1993 it was time for another “new beginning”.   Our first website.

When John and Jeff Dwoskin walked into our Farmington Hills, MI office on Orchard Lake Road they set us on the road to the “electronic future”.  Our first site was pretty impressive for the time.  (Thanks guys!)

Since that time our journey down the super highway has included several overhauls and redesigns of our website, a dabble in My Space, a touch of Facebook, quite a bit of email outreach (currently utilizing Constant Contact), and now, this blog.

But this “new beginning” feels different.

Sure, Joe Cornell Entertainment, is a business, but its a family business with deep roots in our community.  Joe Cornell (the man) started his company (in 1957) with the support of so many local families that are still in the area, today.

Previous attempts to reach out to our community have mostly been one sided:  we provide the information and “hope” the community reads it and responds well.  Through this blog we hope to reengage our neighbors and friends, and get the conversation flowing.

Do you have a favorite memory of Joe Cornell (alive and well at 80 years old this year) that you would like to share?  If you’ve never met the man, of course, you can share your memories of Joe Cornell (the company).

Here’s to “new beginnings”.


Steve Jasgur

President, Joe Cornell Entertainment