Feel the Beat!

You can feel the bass pounding alongside your heartbeat.  It’s energizing, inviting, exciting.  It makes you want to get up and dance your heart out.  That’s what it feels like when there’s a drummer on the dance floor, in sync with a Joe Cornell DJ.


This new Joe Cornell EXCLUSIVE opportunity features a core group of talented percussionists ready to bring that sense of New York savvy to your next event.  We offered a drummer in the mix of our services years ago – and now we’re bringing it back, with great acclaim.


At our White Party this fall (which used to be the Throwback Party – we keep reinventing ourselves!), we debuted a live drummer mix that, combined with the recorded music we play as DJs, really takes a party to the next level.  Drummer


With our drummer on-site, adding live percussion to the music mix, you forget there’s a DJ and feel like you’re dancing to the spontaneous music of a live band, pouring their energy onto the dance floor.

Kids love it.  Parents love it.  Even better, when the star of the party (enter your bar/bat mitzvah kid or bride/groom here…) is handed the drumsticks and kicks into the performance, under the tutelage of our Joe Cornell percussionist, well, there’s no better feeling.


Like you’re on top of the world.


Like you’re belting out a rhythm that everyone can move to.


It’s indescribable.  Give it a try.  Come see for yourself.  You’ll love it.  Trust me.


(By the way – mention this blog and get $100 off the price of a live percussionist!)