The Joe Cornell Circle of Life

I knew it was coming.

My friends’ kids are taking Joe Cornell, the same friends I took Joe Cornell with in the … (ahem) 1980s.  How could a generation have grown up so fast?

Alan Taylor, Stacy Weissberg Fealk, and Jennifer Golding Silverman among others.  All the “kids” I two-stepped and “rock and rolled” with several decades ago now have tweens in my dance program.

In 1982, Stacy was my dance partner for the spring ball.  We don’t have a spring ball any longer because parents have grown concerned about the competitive air we thrived on.  So we’ve made our program more inclusive; everyone has something to gain from dancing with Joe Cornell.

Back then, Rob Fink and Jennifer Golding took first place in the spring ball, while Stacy and I came in a close second.  I know Rob hasn’t kept up his dancing.
It’s that time in life when we step to the side and let our children take center stage.  Standing in front of a group of great kids – me as their teacher, them in the awkward excitement of middle school, their whole lives stretching out in front of them – I am struck by how familiar we all are.

I was them.  They’ll be me.  They are kids of people I know well, some resembling their parents.  I own a business and help kids gain social confidence and poise.  Who knows how much of an impact these kids will make in the future…on my kids…on  my grandchildren.
Yes, it’s strange that I could be old enough to be teaching the children of my childhood friends.  That’s the cycle of life.  What goes around comes around.  And I’m just glad that Joe Cornell is going stronger than ever so that kids today can benefit from the fun and excitement that we experienced decades ago on the dance floor, with Joe Cornell.


  1. Sharon Gould Eaton says:

    I loved this story. I feel that I have (almost) gone full circle by taking lessons way back in the late 50′s on Wyoming in Detroit whereDennis Chaiken (Direct Optical) and I won 1st. place at the May Ball. From there I assisted at the studio on Greenfield in Southfield. I then began teaching in and out of the studio and ending my teaching dancing at Potomac Club in West Bloomfield. Fast forward to 2008 when my first grandson took @ Joe Cornell and had an M>C> from J.C. Next will be my next grandson in 2012 and his brother in 2014. There are two more Eatons after them. And the circle continues.